Hello, my name is Gayle

I have always been a collector.  As far back as I can remember collecting things I love has been a part of my life.  Collections are not just about getting things.  It’s about becoming knowledgeable, maybe even expert.  I have found that the more I learn about a collection the more I love it; it becomes a treasure hunt.  One collection often leads to another.  My love of Nancy Drew books satisfies my desire to follow clues to a solution.  My love of reading has led to the discovery not only of great books but also knowledge of the lives of great women writers like Edith Wharton, Agatha Christie, and Jane Austin.  My love of cooking has inspired me to build a great cookbook and cook booklet collection and also to research the lives of great chefs like Julia Child, Graham Kerr, and Jacques Pepin. 

I have always been a collector.  As far back I can remember, I have had the mind of a collector.  I learned to appreciate art and poetry, to love reading and books, and to cultivate the skills of cooking and sewing from my mother. My mother made doll clothes for my Christmas dolls but by the first grade I was learning to sew.  My dolls and their clothing were my first and still loved collection.  My maternal grandmother collected miniature pitchers and when she died in 1957, I inherited a share of her collection.  My paternal grandmother and I began to exchange letters as soon as I was able to write.  We traded and collected recipes until her death in 1975. 

I have always been a collector.  As far back as I can remember, I treasured my few possessions, organized them, protected them and most of all added to them.  The passions and interests that I have pursued through the decades of my life, from the earliest to the latest, have all generated collections.

I have always been a collector.  My many collections have given me immense pleasure and satisfaction throughout my lifetime connecting me to the past and to the future.